Song Stories

Entry 1:

I'm really excited to be doing these. I've been asked so much about the lyrics of each of the songs from the EP Les Reveries of Une Jeune Noire and their content. And while I'm hesitant to go into too much detail(i mean everything is better with a little mystery). I do love when artists give me a little peek into their process and what the beginning of a song or work looked like long before it became the 'finished product' (if songs can even become that actually.)

Anyway, over the next few weeks I'll be doing song stories on each of the songs from the EP. They'll feature the lyrics of the song, artwork, inspiration, stories of how themes came about, melody makings, building compositions, original journal pics, videos and other tidbits from the recording process and more.

And each Song Story feature will be different and feature different components because hey....each song is different.

So stay tuned for the first Song Story coming this weekend!

lots of love, flat whites and guitar riffs,


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