And so it begins...

Recording my first record was a blast. The crazy hours. The rewrites. The wracking my brain for what was missing in a song. The laughs and unbelievably goofy moments when something goes terribly wrong when at the mic.

That stuff was great. And I loved every second of it. Even the excruciating ones. And all the while I kept thinking. "I just want people to be proud of it."

Not necessarily like it. That is what it is. But be proud of it. Be proud that if they contributed to the Indie campaign, that they would be proud of the work that I had put into making the record. Like their precious dollars had gone somewhere and done something good.

And with that in mind, it means this record has to live beyond just me recording some songs that I wrote and liked. Which means putting in the long yards! So now it begins. The emails, the messages, the tweets, the instagrams, the whatever it takes to pump this record and give it a life beyond just my notebook pages.





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