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Ashley Noel Jones. Trained actor, singer, musician, writer, director. NYU Tisch-BFA. Baltimore born. South Carolina raised. NYC to LA Livin'.

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This Is Me

(the non photo/set shoot setting lil ole me)

That's just the headline. I'd like to think there's way more to me than that(fingers crossed). So here's an Ashley Quick Five.

1) I love animals. All kinds but especially my bulldog Bella and black and proud cat Nora Jones(and no I did not name her Nora on purpose because of the singer, that was her name from the adoption agency, I just added on the Jones)

2) I love hugs. And really good fried chicken. As I am from the South.

3) I am a huge college basketball fan, so March is a busy month of me watching alot of ESPN and CBS.

4)I'm a musician. I sing and play guitar and harmonica and am actively learning the mandolin and banjo. For the musician side of me, check out my strictly music page link in the main menu.

5) I am a total book nerd and am usually reading at least 2 books at once. If you've got some GOOD book suggestions for me...PLEASE SEND THEM MY WAY!




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